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Materials Used  

  • Vinyl / PVC

  • Polyurethane

  • ABS

  • Nylon

  • Polyethylene

  • Polypropylene

  • Expanded Vinyl

  • Ridged/soft foams

  • Laminated materials

  • Teflon

Product Lines

  • Automotive

  • Agricultural

  • Medical

  • Recreational

  • Computer

  • Safety

  • Clean Room

  • Chemical

  • Industrial

  • Safety















































    Flexible Bellows


  •  Our manufacturing process allows for long extensions & tight collapse tolerances.

  •  Bellows can be made of polyurethane, polyethylene, vinyl.

  •  Bellows can be made to any length. The diameter can be from 1 inch to 20 inches.

  •  The bellows are not injection molded. Each convolution is sealed together. 

  •  The bellows are naturally closed as opposed to a molded bellows that is naturally open.

  •  When polyethylene is used, the bellows will be resistant to chemicals.


      Sun Visors


  • Visors are made of expanded vinyl.

  • Many styles are possible.

  • Different styles of material can be used.

  • The visors are "RF" sealed & not sewn.

  • A stiffener board gives the visor rigidity & foam padding gives couture.


            Clean Room Products    


  • This is a vacuum formed bladder that fits (under) a chair in a clean room environment.

  • The purpose of the bladder is to filter any contaminants that might enter the room when sitting down on a chair.

  • It is made of 30 mill. vinyl & is vacuum formed to create a holding chamber.

  • A valve is glued to the top side of the bladder for attachment to a special made chair.


           Filtration Gaskets


  • The gaskets are made from low density polyethylene.

  • They are used to filter solutions that are by-products from manufacturing processes of such companies as Dow Chemical.

  • Multiple gaskets are placed in a cell or stack & the solution is filtered through.

         Manufacturing process

  • The gaskets are sealed together in one hit. The colored mesh is sealed to the the outer gasket base by impulse heat seal with minimal distortion to the gasket.

  • The gaskets have ports installed at both ends in which the solution enters & exits. The ports are made of polypropylene to withstand higher temperatures. They are then molded to the gasket.


        Clear Vinyl Pockets  


  • The above pockets are made of .016 gauge double polished vinyl.

  • They can be produced in custom sizes if needed.

  • Snaps & clips can be added per customer request.

  • The pockets are durable & label inserts show clearly.


       Vacuum formed trays for optical lens molds      


  • Trays can be made of ABS, polyethylene, Rigid vinyl sheet, & many other material types.

  • Up To 1" depth

  • Outer dimensions up to 20" * 24"

  • Vacuum molds are made of a high temp urethane resin & can be made to your design.


         Sonar Buoy 


  • This buoy is made of polyurethane film.

  • It was designed to be deployed out of a Navel Submarine, inflate & rise to the surface to relay information to satellites.

  • Manufacturing methods for this buoy include "RF" sealing, vacuum forming, injection molding & die cutting.

  • Some of the wiring harness is installed inside at the final sealing process .

  • All of the buoys are inflated & water tested at our facility as a quality check procedure.

  • The transmitting equipment is attached to a molded collar at the base of the buoy.


      Seats for Bus/Automotive


  • The above are bus seats.

  • Our process seals the foam backing & design into the seats.

  • The same process can be use for automotive & truck seat applications


       Bladder for dispensing Monomer


  • This bladder is made of a LDPE blend.

  • The LDPE can withstand most chemicals.

  • Ultraviolet light can not penetrate the black LDPE film.

  • Valves can be use that will fit your application.


        Vacuum Electric Switch Bladder


  • This bladder is used in a vacuum activated electric switch.

  • It is made of polyurethane film.

  • Bladders can be made with custom or stock valves.


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