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Custom Manufacturing

   Whether you already have a finished design or are looking for help with a design, we at Bena look forward to working with you to produce a product that will fulfill your needs!

Being a Custom manufacturer, we have the flexibility to experiment & work with many different "RF" & heat sealable materials! 

We also work with products that require internal wiring & electronics. We have developed methods of shielding during the "RF" sealing process!                                 






Vacuum formed products made of polyethylene film from .005 to .125 mil. in thickness / rigid PVC / Polyurethane/ ABS / Polly Carbonate / Expanded Materials.


Custom pads with internal foam made to fit your device.            


Custom valves & openings that will fit your applications.


Custom attachments & wiring harnesses.


Covers that will fit your pre-formed products.


Bladders of all shapes & sizes that are resistant to most known chemicals.   


Die cutting of foam, vinyl, cardboard, rubber & up to 1/8" thick hard board


Inflatable's for Medical, Recreation & Miscellaneous devices.


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