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Materials Used  

  • Vinyl / PVC

  • Polyurethane

  • ABS

  • Nylon

  • Polyethylene

  • Polypropylene

  • Expanded Vinyl

  • Ridged/soft foams

  • Laminated materials

  • Teflon

Product Lines

  • Automotive

  • Agricultural

  • Medical

  • Recreational

  • Computer

  • Safety

  • Clean Room

  • Chemical

  • Industrial

  • Safety





























     Disc Mower Curtains

          [Product Image]                        

  • The curtains are made of nylon re-enforced coated vinyl.

  • The curtains hang over the framework of the mower to contain the debris.

  • We also make curtains for Disc mower/conditioners as pictured on the far right.

  • All curtains are dielectrically sealed & not sewn. This adds to the integrity of the curtains.

  • The materials used are durable & hold up well under normal conditions.

  • The curtains range in size to fit 5 disc to 9 disc mowers.

  • Grommets are strategically placed for tying the curtain to the frame.

  • Danger warning plates can be riveted to the curtains on each end.


        Child Safety Seat Pads!


  • Pads are made of expanded vinyl.

  • The pads fit into a fold out child seat.

  • Picture & name logos can be embossed into the pads.

  • A variety of material colors & styles can be used.

  • The pads are durable & easy to clean.


        Flotation Bladders


  • A soft 20 mill. material is used for flexibility.

  • These flotation bladders & tubes are used for safety purposes in kayaking/recreation

  • Bladder design can be configured for your device..

  • Different colors & types of material can be used.

  • Valves can be chosen that work best for your product.


       Safety Seating Pads


  • The seats are used as an aid for those who need to sit while taking a shower.

  • The pictures above are of the seat & back rest surfaces.

  • These durable seat & back rests are bolted onto a metal frame & can be placed in a shower

  • Bena Inc. manufactures padded units to fit your custom framework.

  • They are constructed with a thick foam center & covered with waterproof material.

  • The seats are all vacuum formed to a 2" height.

  • The seats have a 1/2" board in the bottom with integrated "t" nuts strategically placed  to mach your  framework so they can be easily attached.

  • A similar padded seat can also be custom made to fit over a standard toilet seat.



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