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Materials Used  

  • Vinyl / PVC

  • Polyurethane

  • ABS

  • Nylon

  • Polyethylene

  • Polypropylene

  • Expanded vinyl

  • Ridged/soft foams

  • Laminated materials

  • Teflon

Product Lines

  • Automotive

  • Agricultural

  • Medical

  • Recreational

  • Computer

  • Safety

  • Clean Room

  • Chemical

  • Industrial

  • Safety



















































      Vacuum Formed Pads 


  • The pads are applied to a Headset used by patients during an MRI procedure.

  • The ear pad is made with pressure sensitive vinyl on the back side to adhere to the Polly Carbonate headset.

  • A Soft Expanded vinyl & foam are used to ensure comfort.


        Medical Infuse Bladders


  • Bladders can be made of polyurethane or vinyl.

  • The infuse bladders above are for a pressurized system.

  • Our ability to vacuum form insures configuration to multiple styles of hardware.

  • The bladders can withstand high (contained) air pressure using polyurethane material.

  • We also have the capability of making (custom valves).


           Positioning Pads


  • The pads are used as a positioning device for infants in a hospital setting.

  • They are made by vacuum forming polyurethane material.

  • Our ability to vacuum form insures configuration to multiple styles & shapes.

  • Memory foam is sealed inside for cushioning.


        Respirator Bladder 


                                             Child size        Apnea bellows        Adult size

  • The disposable bladders are used for a respirator.

  • Material can be as thin as 2 mil.

  • Bladders can be made of polyurethane or polyethylene. When polyurethane material is used, the bladders are more durable.

  • The bladders are made for both adult & child sizes.

  • A bellows bag is also made for a sleep apnea breathing machine.


       Medical Utility Pouches


  • A soft expanded material is used.

  • Many colors & sizes are available.

  • Pouches can have clear covers for label inlays (as in the yellow pouch to the left).

  • Velcro openings (as in the bottom orange bag) can be integrated as well.


           MRI / Liquid filled Grid Pad


  •  The grid pads are made by vacuum forming .010 mil polyethylene film.

  •  The perimeter & inner grid seals are made using a proprietary sealing method devised by Bena Inc.

  •  1/4" LDPE tubing is sealed to the ends of the pad for injecting fluid.

  •  After filling, the tubes are removed & ends sealed leaving the fluid filled grid area.

  •  The Polyethylene film is resistant to most types of Chemicals.


         Inflatable Leg Lift Wedge 


  • This inflatable device is used as a portable lift to elevate a leg after surgery.

  • The lifts inflate with a large valve at the rear of the unit.

  • Bena Inc. manufactures the lifts out of a soft PVC material.

  • They are constructed with an inner strut that holds the lift to a wedge shape when inflated.

  • They are easily inflated & deflated & can be folded up to a 10" * 10" size for storage.

  • There is an extended flap at the end of the lift to hold it in place during use.


       Inflatable Splints     


  • The splints can have multiple air chambers to put pressure on different parts of the extremities.

  • They also can have inner chambers for chilled or warm fluid.

  • They can be custom made for arm, leg, shoulder & foot use.

  • The material used is a nylon/polyurethane. It is extremely durable. 

  • Many colors of material could be used based on quantities ordered.

  • Stock or custom valves can be used depending on your requirements.


             Nursing home / Safety Chair & Bed pads   


  • This monitoring pad system is the creation & design of CareTrac tm (Turnkey Monitoring Systems).

  • The Chair Pads function is to monitor excess movement while in a seated position to prevent a patient from falling.

  • The Bed Pads function is to monitor each time a bed ridden patient is turned to help prevent bed sores.

  • We at Bena aided in custom designing the outer cover that contains CareTrac's monitor pad system.

  • The outer vinyl skin of the pad is vacuum formed & dielectrically sealed for water tightness.

  • The wiring is also contained inside vinyl tubing to keep it water tight.


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